YOND – property with innovative space concept now 80% let
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Swiss Prime Site AG

Swiss Prime Site AG is Switzerland's leading listed real estate company. Its portfolio of high-quality properties is worth over CHF 11 billion and consists of value-retaining properties in prime locations, typically comprising office and retail space.


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The traineeship programme by Swiss Prime Site, established in 2017, gives talented young people an opportunity to experience the exciting world of real estate first-hand. Over the course of the programme, which lasts between 18 months and two years, a small group of promising talents gains in-depth insights into the various aspects of a company whose stated purpose is to create new living spaces for society. Twelve of some 50 applicants were invited to Zurich in the spring of 2019 to attend an extensive assessment day. Four of them secured themselves one of the sought-after spaces on the programme.

12 June 2019

Mixed Reality makes construction plans clear and tangible

Mixed Reality enables the digital visualisation of construction plans, which can be displayed in a layer over reality at the click of a button. This is made possible by the software <sphere>, developed by holo|one. Swiss Prime Site tests and develops the technology together with Sven Brunner and Frank Hasler from the Swiss tech start-up. The potential is enormous.

27 May 2019

From box-ticking to impact

We are used to receiving «non-financials» under the label of «sustainability» as a kind of ancillary company report offering a look back over the past financial year. This practice reveals a lot about the significance attributed to non-financials – and demonstrates that companies’ non-financial achievements are hugely underrated. When integrated correctly, non-financials enable strategic targets to be set and put the focus on long-term value creation.

19 May 2019


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Semi-Annual Report as at 30.06.2019 with financial results press conference in Zurich.


Annual Report as at 31.12.2019 with financial results press conference in Zurich.


Annual General Meeting 2019 of Swiss Prime Site AG in Olten.

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