Good half-year results for 2019
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Swiss Prime Site AG

Swiss Prime Site AG is Switzerland's leading listed real estate company. Its portfolio of high-quality properties is worth over CHF 11 billion and consists of value-retaining properties in prime locations, typically comprising office and retail space.


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«It’s there for everyone»

Real estate, journalism and art. What unites these three things? The unlikely answer comes vividly to life in the Medienpark in Zurich Altstetten, which weaves these elements together in a sensory symbiosis.

06 August 2019

Anticipating future trends with start-ups

The one billion venture capital threshold for Swiss start-ups was broken in 2018. Switzerland has a lively and highly successful start-up scene, clustered in the cantons of Zurich, Vaud and Zug. A variety of accelerator, pitch and hackathon events, conferences and awards ceremonies are all signs of innovation, dynamism and an abundance of ideas. The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award will be presented for the ninth time in 2019. Swiss Prime Site will be a presenting partner of the TOP 100 for the third time and is actively pursuing collaborations with these catalysts of innovation.

30 July 2019

Innovation – expecting the unexpected

Innovation is part of human DNA and has been around forever. Technological change has always had a tendency to be disruptive and has led to economic, societal and environmental upheaval in the past. That was back when start-ups were known as «young companies» and venture capital was called «risk capital». Record sums are now being invested in start-ups, and companies are establishing their own innovation labs – all with the aim of keeping up with the innovation wave. We are experiencing a veritable start-up gold rush. The art lies in structuring and prioritising these activities.

23 July 2019


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Annual Report as at 31.12.2019 with financial results press conference in Zurich.


Annual General Meeting 2019 of Swiss Prime Site AG in Olten.

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