Significant letting successes in Q4 2018
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Swiss Prime Site AG

Swiss Prime Site AG is Switzerland's leading listed real estate company. Its portfolio of high-quality properties is worth around CHF 11 billion and consists of value-retaining properties in prime locations, typically comprising office and retail space.


The six dimensions of sustainability

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The digital documentation assistant

The nursing field requires extensive and, most importantly, precise documentation. Digital systems like careCoach help ensure a high quality of care for patients. To achieve consistent standards at all its sites, Tertianum is currently introducing this innovative software throughout Switzerland. Simon Weiss, Project Manager for careCoach at Tertianum, reports on how this is being received by employees and what challenges have to be dealt with along the way.

27 January 2019

A new perspective: Here and now

Over 350,000 children in Switzerland suffer from rare diseases. And their families suffer with them. Frank Grossmann, founder of Orphanhealthcare, offers these children and their parents a better quality of life and gives them a new outlook. Swiss Prime Site provides the foundation with space for offices and a consultation centre on the former Siemens site in Zurich.

17 December 2018

Sights set on the target

What can a company like Swiss Prime Site do to support international climate policy and achieve the UN two-degree target, which has been ratified by Switzerland? This is a question that will occupy the Group's company Wincasa over the coming weeks, months and years. As the process kicks off, three experts from the areas of sustainability, data and strategy provide some information about how the next steps towards efficient climate protection might look.

04 December 2018


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Quiet Period Results 2018: 21. January – 27. February 2019


Annual Report as at 31.12.2018 with financial results press conference in Zurich.


Annual General Meeting 2018 of Swiss Prime Site AG in Olten.


Semi-Annual Report as at 30.06.2019 with financial results press conference in Zurich.

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