Code of Conduct

A Corporate Culture of Integrity
Swiss Prime Site places greatest emphasis on its corporate culture and the integrity of its employees. It is the duty of our employees to live by these values and integrate them into their everyday actions. Our Code of Conduct provides clear rules and guidance in our daily work environment.

Report violations
We take violations of our code of conduct seriously. We ask our employees to report cases using the secure «Integrity Platform», anonymously if they wish. The Integrity Platform is operated by EQS Group ( All reports are transmitted via Integrity Line's secure server and not the company's server. This means that Integrity can ensure your anonymity if desired. No IP addresses, times or metadata are recorded or stored when using the Integrity Platform. All data is encrypted. There is therefore no information that could link your computer with the Integrity Platform, so you will remain anonymous if you do not give your name.

Find a response
You can obtain a response to a previous report by entering your case number and password here:

Code of conduct


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