Our strengths at a glance

Sustainable business model
Swiss Prime Site invests in high-quality land, properties and locations, which, together with conversions and developments of entire sites, form the Company’s core business. Vertically integrated real estate-related group companies complement the core business and provide interesting added value.

Stable financing
The Company boasts a stable financing situation through debt and shareholders’ equity. The equity ratio amounts to a good 43.6%. The composition of debt equitably consists of the use of various instruments such as bonds, mortgages and loans. The loan-to-value ratio amounts to 46.6%.


First-class quality of location
The current portfolio of 192 high-quality properties comprises value-retaining Swiss properties situated in first-class locations with a fair value of over CHF 11.5 billion. In this context, the Company focuses strongly on office and retail properties. The attractiv vacancy rate amounts to 4.7%.

High profitability and growth
The existing real estate portfolio realises an attractive net yield of 3.6%. Swiss Prime Site achieves a return on equity (ROE) of 13.8%. The project pipeline for the coming years comprises more than 20 projects totalling an investment volume of roughly CHF 2 billion.


Stock’s high level of liquidity
Swiss Prime Site is the largest stock exchange-listed real estate company in Switzerland, with market capitalisation of approximately CHF 6.5 billion. The roughly 76 million registered shares are subject to 100% free float and exhibit a high level of liquidity on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Equitable dividend policy
The Board of Directors pursues a constant and investor-friendly dividend policy. Around 80% of the profits generated excluding revaluations and deferred taxes are currently repatriated to the shareholders. The dividend yield amounts to 4.5% at present.



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