As a leading real estate company, Swiss Prime Site is committed to sustainability and assuming responsibility for its corporate actions, environment and society. In this context, the Company pursues a comprehensive approach focusing on six dimensions.

Credibility, reliability, integrity, trustworthiness and conscientiousness form the central pillars of Swiss Prime Site’s reputation, decisively contributing to the Company’s excellent image in the eyes of the stakeholders. Hence, the Company maintains regular dialogue with all stakeholder groups and coordinates communications measures in a timely and recipient-appropriate fashion. Since market presence and customer focus ultimately constitute decisive factors for the Company’s success, Swiss Prime Site consistently directs its business activities toward the needs of the stakeholders.

Financial excellence
A stable and future-oriented company is based on financially sustainable management. Sustainable financial management leads to additional value creation, which ultimately benefits all stakeholders. Untapped potential can be identified on a continuous basis through stringent control of in-house and third-party costs. Profitability can be boosted through improving operating processes and enhancing business planning as well as constantly reducing capital costs and vacancy rates.

Compliance and social commitment
The entire Group places a great deal of importance on acting responsibly and with integrity. In addition to compliance with legal requirements and regulatory standards, this also includes fulfilment of self-determined principles and internal company directives. Transparency is a top priority in all business activities. The Code of Conduct is part of the values mission statement.

Sustainable investments and services
The development and further enhancement of group-wide products and projects – as well as their orientation in the market and toward the needs of customers – constitute part of Swiss Prime Site’s core mission. The real estate portfolio is continuously expanded and substantially upgraded through acquisitions and modernisation. Innovation and continuous improvements in efficiency are the drivers for long-term successful investments and services. Along with economic added value, Swiss Prime Site always takes into account the needs of society and environmental objectives too.

Protecting the environment
Swiss Prime Site acts to protect the environment and conserve resources, whether in its daily operations or in investments in real estate and its management. At the same time, the focus is clearly directed at the real estate portfolio, where invested capital realises the greatest impact. Swiss Prime Site is aiming for a portfolio of emission-neutral buildings in the long term. Reducing resource consumption, enhancing energy efficiency and cutting emissions as well as intelligently handling land resources are not just environmentally friendly but also economically and socially sensible. Training sessions and information events are held to raise employee awareness and, in particular, to motivate the workforce to protect the environment.

Attractive working environment
Competent and committed employees constitute a central factor in mastering future challenges. The medium- and long-term business success depends on how well a company manages to retain and attract qualified employees, promote and expand their skills, empower them to assume more responsibility and motivate them. Swiss Prime Site and its group companies strive to be employers of first choice.

The six dimensions of sustainability



Stakeholder Dialogue

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