Vision and Mission


As the leading real estate company in Switzerland, we create more value and develop sustainable habitats – innovatively and passionately.


  • We set standards for real estate investments and investments in real estate-related business fields, with which we create sustainable added value for our stakeholder groups.
  • We invest in and actively manage first-class properties, real estate projects, property sites, products and services.
  • We are the partner of choice for any stakeholder groups in our business fields.
  • We are committed to sustainability and assume responsibility for our actions, our environment and our society.

Our 5 Corporate Values

1. Respect
We treat everybody with respect; in our view, the focal point is on the individual person.
  • We treat one another with respect. Our understanding of leadership is based on mutual trust. Trust is based on accountability and fairness – among and with one another.
  • We value each and every person and individual performance – yesterday, today and tomorrow too.
  • We create a working environment based on esteem, fairness and recognition.
  • We communicate with one another. We provide and receive feedback, thereby constantly improving ourselves.
  • We foster, solicit and respect constructive criticism.
  • We support and promote diversity – of people, opinions and experiences.

2. Ambition
We set high targets for ourselves; our ambition is to constantly achieve improvement.
  • We set ambitious targets for ourselves and realise these goals with passion.
  • We approach our duties with the utmost commitment and stand firm for the fruits of our labour.
  • We create sustainable added value for our stakeholder groups through our performance.
  • We get enthusiastic about the Company’s success and exert all of our strength for that achievement.

3. Innovation
We live for innovation; our future is built on the ability to achieve further development.
  • We foster and seek innovation – blazing new trails and continuously further developing ourselves.
  • We are committed to providing sustainable and innovative investments, products and services on a day-to-day basis. We combine the expertise of our workforce to pave the way for innovation in all business fields.
  • We promote an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and creativity at all levels.
  • We set new standards in our business fields.

4. Responsibility
We actively assume and stand by our responsibilities; we are role models.
  • We act responsibly in the interest of our Company and, at the same time, take into account the effects on society and the environment.
  • We strictly adhere to our high compliance standards.
  • We all fulfil a role model function.
  • We stand up for one another in the interest of the Company – team spirit is key.
  • We strive for long-term success through the target-oriented development and promotion of our employees.
  • The health and safety of our employees is close to our hearts.

5. Integrity
Integrity is the focal point of our activities.
  • We do what we say and keep our promises.
  • We comply with the rule of law and our own guidelines, but also direct our actions toward clear principles and a common understanding of values.
  • We ensure the execution and compliance with our values and directives by means of controlling and regulating systems.
  • We communicate transparently with our stakeholder groups.
  • We never misrepresent anyone and oppose damaging reputations.
  • We are authentic and trustworthy.

VisionMissionStrategy and Business modelSelected Key Figures


Selected Key Figures

Strategy and Business model

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