14 November 2017

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien: Stücki Park harbours significant prospects

Build-up of the heart of Basel North
Stücki, located to the north of Basel City, will be formed to a new superordinate center. The objective is to create a fresh focal point in the up-and-coming district. The property site, which today comprises shopping centre, office properties/business park and hotel, will be expanded by future-oriented laboratory and research floor space. A Gigaplex cinema with 18 movie theatres and state-of-the-art technology will be incorporated in the present «mall». The retail floor space will be reduced by 70% from the current 33 000 square metres to roughly 10 000 square metres – consequently upgrading the value through exciting offerings of day-to-day life such as restaurants, experiences and entertainment as well as wellness/health facilities for customers, employees and residents alike. Situated between the currently fully leased business park and shopping centre, four new buildings will considerably boost the capacity of the overall site. Furthermore, all building elements should be better accessible among one another, thereby leading to greater synergy utilisation. The new diversity of the facilities offered and user groups will be presented in the future under the «Stücki Park» brand.

Investments in the property site and creation of space for 1 700 workplaces
As owner of Stücki Park, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien aims to significantly expand the site, thus making it attractive and sustainable. The key expansion of the already existing laboratory and office floor space will be carried out in two phases. At the same time, the rentable floor space will be doubled from roughly 27 000 square metres to more than 60 000 square metres by 2023. Swiss Prime Site Immobilien can therefore meet the needs of the region for laboratory and office floor space as well as create space for an additional 1 700 workplaces. Member of the cantonal government and Head of the Economic, Social Affairs and Environment Department of canton Basel-Stadt, Christoph Brutschin welcomes the expansion project: «With the additional office and laboratory floor space, Swiss Prime Site is providing a significant contribution toward alleviating the bottleneck in the rental property market. Companies that are growing or intending to reside in canton Basel-Stadt will find an attractive offering and inspiring environment in Stücki Park. The investments constitute clear evidence of the quality of the Basel-Stadt location.»

In this context, the fully leased existing Businesspark is a key element for the successful and sustainable future development of the overall property site. Construction of the Gigaplex cinema will commence at the outset of 2018 and be completed probably in 2020. Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, commented on this important project for Swiss Prime Site Immobilien as follows: «The new Stücki Park intertwines innovation, experiences, wellness, health, research and shopping in an overall concept. A future-oriented attraction is thus emerging with radiance for the entire Basel region.»

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Mladen Tomic, Media Relations
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Peter Lehmann, CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien
Tel. +41 58 317 17 30, peter.lehmann@sps.swiss

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