A new perspective: Here and now

Over 350,000 children in Switzerland suffer from rare diseases. And their families suffer with them. Frank Grossmann, founder of Orphanhealthcare, offers these children and their parents a better quality of life and gives them a new outlook. Swiss Prime Site provides the foundation with space for offices and a consultation centre on the former Siemens site in Zurich.

17 December 2018

Sights set on the target

What can a company like Swiss Prime Site do to support international climate policy and achieve the UN two-degree target, which has been ratified by Switzerland? This is a question that will occupy the Group's company Wincasa over the coming weeks, months and years. As the process kicks off, three experts from the areas of sustainability, data and strategy provide some information about how the next steps towards efficient climate protection might look.

04 December 2018

A new standard at the best location

Sustainable building is one of the key aspirations of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. As a result, the company is focusing more strongly on the Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) when it comes to future construction projects. The commercial complex at Pont-Rouge in Lancy will mark the start of this. Report of the site visit to the future business district of Geneva.

25 November 2018

Minor changes with major effects

The letter we all get once a year detailing «ancillary cost accounts» is anything but ancillary for Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. It doesn’t just present significant costs for tenants or the company itself, it also reflects the environmental impact, which is of great significance to Swiss Prime Site in the context of its sustainability strategy. The group company Wincasa has therefore been documenting the energy data of its buildings in minute detail since 2012. Cutting-edge analysis highlights potential for improvements that are then addressed using targeted strategies. We met with Jan Rüegg, Sustainability Project Manager at Wincasa, and discussed measurement points, quick checks and low-hanging fruit.

13 November 2018

Bringing greater success to our cities

In our age of digitalisation, more and more innovative, digital and technically specialised companies have been choosing Switzerland as a business location. Why? Quite apart from the obvious factors such as taxes, transport infrastructure, demographic trends and the education system, one reason stands out: our business-friendly legislation.

08 November 2018

Real estate on the move

Convenience. E-commerce. Logistics. Real estate. Words that at first glance bear little relation to each other. Mention this to Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, and he starts to discuss it with great enthusiasm. It’s all about consumer habits, customer expectations, economic growth, traffic volumes and big potential for his employer.

18 October 2018


Any company, such as Swiss Prime Site, that makes a commitment to sustainability must also be very specific in its implementation; for instance, a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is why the real estate development company uses energy from Swiss and European hydropower for its properties. It is procured centrally by the sustainability experts of group company Wincasa via the electricity exchange. How does this work? And how does the company ensure sufficient supply? We went on a walk with Roman Fehr, project manager for sustainability at Wincasa, to find out.

10 October 2018

A Jelmolian in body and soul

Morten Jensen has been Head of Facility Management at Jelmoli for more than a quarter of a century. He took us on a tour of the labyrinth of rooms under the historic department store and showed us what’s involved in keeping a business up and running in a building complex of this size.

19 September 2018

Motel One: Zürich’s new crowning glory. In turquoise.

A budget designer hotel with 400 beds in the heart of Zürich. The news was already making waves before it opened last year. Tourists could hardly wait, the media and hoteliers were curious. How did the first twelve months go? Were expectations met and doubts dispelled? We met with Urs Vogel, the hotel’s manager, to take stock.

05 September 2018

«You always need a good team.»

Since August, Swiss Prime Site Solutions has had a new CEO – and Anastasius Tschopp has had a new mission. We met the 39-year old from Lucerne for a chat about scale, team sports and his choice to simply hang up his boots.

29 August 2018

4th Acceleration Workshop on 8/9 August 2018

On 8/9 August 2018, we are proud to host our fourth acceleration workshop. The theme will be «Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data & Analytics». Eight selected start-ups will be invited to pitch and work with the Swiss Prime Site management and industry experts to set up a pilot project (proof-of-concept) or receive a strategic investment.

01 August 2018

A village for the Stücki Park

Giant leaps are being made towards the future in Basel's Stücki Park. Opening of the new «Village in Stücki Park» is planned for the end of October. The Village will form a place for people to meet. We met the management and project directors and were given a guided tour of the unique construction site. What will the village look like? Are there tenants already? And what are the biggest challenges?

04 July 2018

Transformation – with no ifs, ands or buts

A position devoted to «digital transformation» can in the interim be found in nearly every medium-sized organisation, mostly as a member of management. According to CEO Oliver Hofmann, such an organisation would be the wrong approach for Wincasa. Sandro Principe, Head of Transformation, elaborates on a structural deficit that a market leader cannot afford. Following is an interview regarding the move toward «Eldorado.»

21 June 2018

Boss for a year

Can we spark students' interest in becoming entrepreneurs? That's what the YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) company program aims to achieve. Participants from all across Switzerland spent one year hard at work, and on 25th-26th May the final was held at Zurich central station. Noémie Sasse, CEO of the commercial training program, led us through the exhibition, which has become almost as trendy as a Food Fair this year.

31 May 2018

Well done: Customer loyalty at the Jelmoli Market Grill

The name of Jelmoli stands for the famous premium department store at Zurich’s best address, and thus for a unique shopping experience. Not (yet) so well known: One can also enjoy unusually good food here. CEO Franco Savastano and Grill chef Daniel Stefanak talk about customers, relationships, and the one true way of seasoning.

22 May 2018

Think tank with rail link

Where the massive printing presses of Switzerland’s illustrious NZZ newspaper used to turn, space is currently being created for 2 000 workplaces in the engineering, technology and Industry 4.0 sectors. A stroll through these halls with their glorious history and fantastic future.

01 May 2018

Sustainability is future viability

René Zahnd, CEO of Swiss Prime Site, believes that a strong core business, vertically integrated business fields and sustainability-oriented management are the keys to success.

21 March 2018

Schönburg gives Bern Breitenrain a new lease of life

In a prime location in Bern's Breitenrain quarter, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is transforming the former postal headquarters into a new centre that will improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

13 March 2018

Lidl is big in Fraumünster, Zurich

The former Fraumünster post office in Zurich is now home to Lidl's new flagship store. The location, walking distance from the Paradeplatz, is fantastic. Nadia von Veltheim at Lidl Switerland is clear: this was a smart decision and represented a logical continuation of the existing strategy.

07 March 2018

Assisted living moves centre stage

It was not all that long ago that care homes used to be somewhat soulless places, which local municipalities tended to build in more remote locations, often at the edge of a forest. While their elderly residents were well cared for medically speaking, they generally found themselves living somewhat outside their village or town.

27 February 2018

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