Co-creating the digital future of real estate

The start-up Tower360 has partnered with Swiss Prime Site Immobilien and Wincasa to develop a data-driven, vertically integrated letting and asset management platform on which all relevant data for property owners, managers and marketers is compiled centrally on dashboards and can be edited collaboratively. The platform is about to be implemented at four Swiss Prime Site group companies.

20 November 2019

Innovation and property development in dialogue

Properties should be sustainable and districts vibrant. The cities of the future are not only technologically smart but also more socially cohesive and greener. What role does innovation play in the successful and sustainable development of living environments?

05 November 2019

E-mobility is the future

Ever more electric cars can be seen on Swiss roads each year. As an innovative, sustainable real estate firm, Swiss Prime Site wants to provide its customers and tenants with the option of charging their electric vehicles quickly and easily. The company starting by commissioning ten charging stations at Swiss Prime Site locations across German-speaking Switzerland in 2018, and expanded its trial area to include French-speaking Switzerland in 2019.

09 October 2019

Promising perspectives

To take the view from outside means to be open and courageous. The change of perspective rewards us with new ideas and helps us to become better.

06 October 2019

Beauty, service and synergies

On 2 September 2019, Pallas Kliniken opened their first Aesthetics flagship store at Jelmoli. What connects Switzerland’s largest premium department store with a beauty clinic? A discussion about service, lifestyle medicine and the property concepts of the future.

19 September 2019

«It’s there for everyone»

Real estate, journalism and art. What unites these three things? The unlikely answer comes vividly to life in the Medienpark in Zurich Altstetten, which weaves these elements together in a sensory symbiosis.

06 August 2019

Anticipating future trends with start-ups

The one billion venture capital threshold for Swiss start-ups was broken in 2018. Switzerland has a lively and highly successful start-up scene, clustered in the cantons of Zurich, Vaud and Zug. A variety of accelerator, pitch and hackathon events, conferences and awards ceremonies are all signs of innovation, dynamism and an abundance of ideas. The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award will be presented for the ninth time in 2019. Swiss Prime Site will be a presenting partner of the TOP 100 for the third time and is actively pursuing collaborations with these catalysts of innovation.

30 July 2019

Innovation – expecting the unexpected

Innovation is part of human DNA and has been around forever. Technological change has always had a tendency to be disruptive and has led to economic, societal and environmental upheaval in the past. That was back when start-ups were known as «young companies» and venture capital was called «risk capital». Record sums are now being invested in start-ups, and companies are establishing their own innovation labs – all with the aim of keeping up with the innovation wave. We are experiencing a veritable start-up gold rush. The art lies in structuring and prioritising these activities.

23 July 2019

«We’re setting new standards for the future»

For Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, the focus is on the customer as a person. The JED, YOND and Alto Pont-Rouge projects exemplify this focus in various ways and demonstrate how construction will look in future.

30 June 2019


The traineeship programme by Swiss Prime Site, established in 2017, gives talented young people an opportunity to experience the exciting world of real estate first-hand. Over the course of the programme, which lasts between 18 months and two years, a small group of promising talents gains in-depth insights into the various aspects of a company whose stated purpose is to create new living spaces for society. Twelve of some 50 applicants were invited to Zurich in the spring of 2019 to attend an extensive assessment day. Four of them secured themselves one of the sought-after spaces on the programme.

12 June 2019

Mixed Reality makes construction plans clear and tangible

Mixed Reality enables the digital visualisation of construction plans, which can be displayed in a layer over reality at the click of a button. This is made possible by the software <sphere>, developed by holo|one. Swiss Prime Site tests and develops the technology together with Sven Brunner and Frank Hasler from the Swiss tech start-up. The potential is enormous.

27 May 2019

From box-ticking to impact

We are used to receiving «non-financials» under the label of «sustainability» as a kind of ancillary company report offering a look back over the past financial year. This practice reveals a lot about the significance attributed to non-financials – and demonstrates that companies’ non-financial achievements are hugely underrated. When integrated correctly, non-financials enable strategic targets to be set and put the focus on long-term value creation.

19 May 2019

Riantbosson Centre – modern property and a power plant in one

Geneva is evolving. A real urban revolution is under way in the metropolis on the shores of Lake Geneva. Increasingly, banks and other financial services providers are taking a critical look at the high costs of property in the Central Business District (CBD) and are moving to more modern offices with efficient use of space. This upheaval in Geneva is particularly evident on the outskirts of the city.

14 April 2019

The integrated approach to sustainability

Illustrating a company’s CO2 footprint requires more than simply measuring its own direct emissions. Greenhouse gases emitted by its suppliers or third parties must also be considered in the overall picture. Urs Baumann, Head of Sustainability & Innovation, explains how it is even possible to measure indirect emissions and how we can influence them.

17 March 2019

Outlook 2019

What are the issues and trends for the real estate industry to watch in 2019 and beyond? Alexandra Bay, Head Group Research at Swiss Prime Site, has analysed and summarised the economic outlook and prospects for the property market.

27 February 2019

The digital documentation assistant

The nursing field requires extensive and, most importantly, precise documentation. Digital systems like careCoach help ensure a high quality of care for patients. To achieve consistent standards at all its sites, Tertianum is currently introducing this innovative software throughout Switzerland. Simon Weiss, Project Manager for careCoach at Tertianum, reports on how this is being received by employees and what challenges have to be dealt with along the way.

27 January 2019

A new perspective: Here and now

Over 350,000 children in Switzerland suffer from rare diseases. And their families suffer with them. Frank Grossmann, founder of Orphanhealthcare, offers these children and their parents a better quality of life and gives them a new outlook. Swiss Prime Site provides the foundation with space for offices and a consultation centre on the former Siemens site in Zurich.

17 December 2018

Sights set on the target

What can a company like Swiss Prime Site do to support international climate policy and achieve the UN two-degree target, which has been ratified by Switzerland? This is a question that will occupy the Group's company Wincasa over the coming weeks, months and years. As the process kicks off, three experts from the areas of sustainability, data and strategy provide some information about how the next steps towards efficient climate protection might look.

04 December 2018

A new standard at the best location

Sustainable building is one of the key aspirations of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. As a result, the company is focusing more strongly on the Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) when it comes to future construction projects. The commercial complex at Pont-Rouge in Lancy will mark the start of this. Report of the site visit to the future business district of Geneva.

25 November 2018

Minor changes with major effects

The letter we all get once a year detailing «ancillary cost accounts» is anything but ancillary for Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. It doesn’t just present significant costs for tenants or the company itself, it also reflects the environmental impact, which is of great significance to Swiss Prime Site in the context of its sustainability strategy. The group company Wincasa has therefore been documenting the energy data of its buildings in minute detail since 2012. Cutting-edge analysis highlights potential for improvements that are then addressed using targeted strategies. We met with Jan Rüegg, Sustainability Project Manager at Wincasa, and discussed measurement points, quick checks and low-hanging fruit.

13 November 2018

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