01 August 2018

4th Acceleration Workshop on 8/9 August 2018

On 8/9 August 2018, we are proud to host our fourth acceleration workshop. The theme will be «Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data & Analytics». Eight selected start-ups will be invited to pitch and work with the Swiss Prime Site management and industry experts to set up a pilot project (proof-of-concept) or receive a strategic investment.
The term «intelligent building» has been in use since the early 1980s. Smart devices helped to manage HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings, using one language: data. Today, this trend has accelerated exponentially. The latest technological advancements in IoT, big data & analytics, cloud and AI has helped to connect interdisciplinary fields to create truly customer-centric real estate solutions and services for the new way we live and work.

Given this background, we are excited to invite following eight start-ups to kick-start the further development of «IoT, Big Data & Analytics» in the real estate industry:

Swiss Prime Site Acceleration workshop: Exchange of experience and knowledge.

Cooperation with startups as part of sustainable strategic corporate development
As the leading real estate company in Switzerland, Swiss Prime Site, together with its group companies, Wincasa, Jelmoli, Tertianum and Swiss Prime Site Solutions, constantly focuses on creating value and developing sustainable living spaces. Swiss Prime Site Corporate Ventures was founded with the aim to combine the innovation power of start-ups with the expertise and market access of Swiss Prime Site to deliver transformation in the real estate industry. Together with our partner, Venturelab, we strive to leverage the best-in-class innovation engine in Switzerland and Europe. Through our acceleration workshops we aim to provide a platform of open innovation and collaboration.
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Anticipating future trends with start-ups

The one billion venture capital threshold for Swiss start-ups was broken in 2018. Switzerland has a lively and highly successful start-up scene, clustered in the cantons of Zurich, Vaud and Zug. A variety of accelerator, pitch and hackathon events, conferences and awards ceremonies are all signs of innovation, dynamism and an abundance of ideas. The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award will be presented for the ninth time in 2019. Swiss Prime Site will be a presenting partner of the TOP 100 for the third time and is actively pursuing collaborations with these catalysts of innovation.

30 July 2019

Mixed Reality makes construction plans clear and tangible

Mixed Reality enables the digital visualisation of construction plans, which can be displayed in a layer over reality at the click of a button. This is made possible by the software <sphere>, developed by holo|one. Swiss Prime Site tests and develops the technology together with Sven Brunner and Frank Hasler from the Swiss tech start-up. The potential is enormous.

27 May 2019

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