30 July 2019

Anticipating future trends with start-ups

The one billion venture capital threshold for Swiss start-ups was broken in 2018. Switzerland has a lively and highly successful start-up scene, clustered in the cantons of Zurich, Vaud and Zug. A variety of accelerator, pitch and hackathon events, conferences and awards ceremonies are all signs of innovation, dynamism and an abundance of ideas. The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award will be presented for the ninth time in 2019. Swiss Prime Site will be a presenting partner of the TOP 100 for the third time and is actively pursuing collaborations with these catalysts of innovation.
Identifying ideas and start-ups is an integral part of Swiss Prime Site’s innovation management strategy. Its activities include discussions with start-ups, visiting specialist conferences and hosting accelerator workshops. These are effective platforms for start-ups to present their business models. Several times a year, Swiss Prime Site invites promising companies to pitch. These catalysts of innovation themselves benefit from technological developments; new communications channels accelerate awareness of innovative activities and facilitate product marketing. Swiss Prime Site supports promising start-ups and ideas with developing and implementing pilot projects.

Start-ups as catalysts of innovation
Start-ups often have close ties to universities and science, and thus to new technology and solutions. According to the «Swiss PropTech Report» from May 2019, start-ups often have only a basic knowledge of real estate; very few founders come from the real estate industry. Swiss Prime Site bridges this gap and takes on a networking role. Ideas and business models are tested, experiences and results shared, and successful ideas implemented in practice. Surprising solutions from partners who, at least initially, have no knowledge of real estate more than outweigh the time spent coaching. All of this requires room for chance and creativity.

Together with Swiss Prime Site and its Group companies, Tower360 is developing a solution for occupancy management and the digitalisation of the letting process.

In a proof of concept, Swiss Prime Site and the Swiss startup holo|one are testing how Mixed Reality enables the digital visualisation of construction plans.

Diverse partnerships, business relationships and involvement
To ensure this exchange and to cement start-up partnerships, Swiss Prime Site has been involved in corporate venturing since 2017. This has resulted in around a dozen pilot projects («proofs of concept»). Stand-out projects include holo|one (mixed reality) and the asset management and marketing platform Tower360 (PropTech). These examples in particular clearly represent the successful process of transforming what began as a vague idea into sketches and concrete concepts, then into a feasible solution and finally adapting it to the needs of Swiss Prime Site or its group companies. This was then followed by operational implementation and going live.

Start-ups are also desirable tenants. The modular space YOND in Zurich-Albisrieden attracts start-ups as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises from the fields of service and production. Tenants have included the recruitment platform Coople and the Tadah co-working space with childcare. The cell research BioTech company MaxWell Biosystems, founded in 2016, is also moving to this location, which is ideal for innovative companies.

Innovation management doesn’t always focus on transformative or even disruptive approaches; sometimes smaller, incremental changes can simplify processes and increase efficiency. Swiss Prime Site uses software by the start-up Sherpany for meeting management and group-wide document sharing. It ensures fast, secure access to the relevant information.

Swiss Prime Site is a presenting partner of the TOP 100 Startup Award for the third time.
Swiss Prime Site as presenting partner of the TOP 100
As a member of various networks, Swiss Prime Site promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience within the Swiss start-up landscape. Non-digital interactions continue to be important, and real-life events such as the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award remain a highly valuable networking platform. Start-ups emphasise that such events increase the visibility of companies and products. Swiss Prime Site is a presenting partner of this prestigious award.

This is how further partnerships are built, which in turn forms the ecosystem itself. With this and other involvement, Swiss Prime Site is not only staying abreast of current developments but anticipating future trends.
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Co-creating the digital future of real estate

The start-up Tower360 has partnered with Swiss Prime Site Immobilien and Wincasa to develop a data-driven, vertically integrated letting and asset management platform on which all relevant data for property owners, managers and marketers is compiled centrally on dashboards and can be edited collaboratively. The platform is about to be implemented at four Swiss Prime Site group companies.

20 November 2019

Innovation and property development in dialogue

Properties should be sustainable and districts vibrant. The cities of the future are not only technologically smart but also more socially cohesive and greener. What role does innovation play in the successful and sustainable development of living environments?

05 November 2019

Innovation – expecting the unexpected

Innovation is part of human DNA and has been around forever. Technological change has always had a tendency to be disruptive and has led to economic, societal and environmental upheaval in the past. That was back when start-ups were known as «young companies» and venture capital was called «risk capital». Record sums are now being invested in start-ups, and companies are establishing their own innovation labs – all with the aim of keeping up with the innovation wave. We are experiencing a veritable start-up gold rush. The art lies in structuring and prioritising these activities.

23 July 2019

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