06 October 2019

Promising perspectives

To take the view from outside means to be open and courageous. The change of perspective rewards us with new ideas and helps us to become better.
Our vision is to create flexible and attractive living spaces in which people enjoy working, living or spending their leisure time. In doing so, it is essential for Swiss Prime Site to place the periscope in the right place and at the optimum height. A perfect position gives us a neutral and objective view. In addition to familiar and conventional solutions, it also enables us to identify the new needs of our customers. This gives us the opportunity to shape their future with them. Read more in our stories:

«We're setting new standards for the future»
For Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, the focus is on the customer as a person. The JED, YOND and Alto Pont-Rouge projects exemplify this focus in various ways and demonstrate how construction will look in future. More

Beauty, service and synergies
On 2 September 2019, Pallas Kliniken opened their first Aesthetics flagship store at Jelmoli. What connects Switzerland’s largest premium department store with a beauty clinic? A discussion about service, lifestyle medicine and the property concepts of the future. More

JED «2226»: Back to the roots of building
The real estate industry is increasingly investing in technology to enable energy-efficient construction and building operation that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The counter-concept to high-tech real estate development is «2226» and was designed by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten. It is based on basic architectural techniques. Our new building JED in Schlieren will be built according to this building concept. More

Innovation - expecting the unexpected
Technological change has always had a tendency to be disruptive and has led to economic, societal and environmental upheaval in the past. That was back when start-ups were known as «young companies» and venture capital was called «risk capital». Record sums are now being invested in start-ups, and companies are establishing their own innovation labs – all with the aim of keeping up with the innovation wave. The art lies in structuring and prioritising these activities. More

Anticipating future trends with start-ups
The one billion venture capital threshold for Swiss start-ups was broken in 2018. Switzerland has a lively and highly successful start-up scene. A variety of accelerator, pitch and hackathon events, conferences and awards ceremonies are all signs of innovation, dynamism and an abundance of ideas. Swiss Prime Site will is actively pursuing collaborations with these catalysts of innovation. More

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Motel One: Zürich’s new crowning glory. In turquoise.

A budget designer hotel with 400 beds in the heart of Zürich. The news was already making waves before it opened last year. Tourists could hardly wait, the media and hoteliers were curious. How did the first twelve months go? Were expectations met and doubts dispelled? We met with Urs Vogel, the hotel’s manager, to take stock.

05 September 2018

Transformation – with no ifs, ands or buts

A position devoted to «digital transformation» can in the interim be found in nearly every medium-sized organisation, mostly as a member of management. According to CEO Oliver Hofmann, such an organisation would be the wrong approach for Wincasa. Sandro Principe, Head of Transformation, elaborates on a structural deficit that a market leader cannot afford. Following is an interview regarding the move toward «Eldorado.»

21 June 2018

Boss for a year

Can we spark students' interest in becoming entrepreneurs? That's what the YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) company program aims to achieve. Participants from all across Switzerland spent one year hard at work, and on 25th-26th May the final was held at Zurich central station. Noémie Sasse, CEO of the commercial training program, led us through the exhibition, which has become almost as trendy as a Food Fair this year.

31 May 2018

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